About Us

Who We Are

People’s First Choice Australia was registered as a proprietary limited company under the Corporations Act 2001 in the State of Victoria. The company was formed with the purpose of providing a range of support services to people with disabilities, their families and carers. Whether you are looking to enjoy independence in your own home, want to get out and about, learn new skills or need to find someone you can rely on for specialist and nursing care, we are here to help you.  These services are offered through partnerships with health and community service providers and through active engagement with families, carers, representatives and/or advocates.

Our care and support options make sure you are taken care of, whatever your circumstances. We are sympathetic to people from culturally diverse backgrounds who may be hesitant to approach mainstream services due to language barriers, religious beliefs or cultural barriers. Whether you need help around the home, want to get more involved in your community or want to learn new skills, Peoples First Choice Australia is here to help.

Strong systems provide a primary resource to assist Peoples First Choice Australia’s Board, senior management, staff, carers volunteers and all those working with us to understand what acceptable practice means to us. All care staff are required to operate according to, the relevant Service Standards and special policy and procedural requirements that are applicable to their service and target group.


People using the services of People’s First Choice Australia feel valued, respected and included as equal members of the community.


The Mission of People’s First Choice Australia is to provide care services based on the needs of the individual person through encouragement, empowerment, empathy and partnerships with clients, their families, carers and other service providers.


Our values guide us in promoting ethical, respectful and safe service delivery across all operations: