Short-Term Accommodation and Assistance (Respite)


Respite, also known as Short Term Accommodation & Assistance (STA) is a great way for family or carers to take a short break from their daily routine.  

Through this service you are able to access emergency accommodation during those times when you may require temporary supports that are different from your usual arrangements.

Respite enables you to achieve independence and achieve your goals in supported environment.

Whilst there are many reasons for seeking STA, the service is designed to assist you and those who support you.

Respite can assist with unexpected emergencies, housing gaps, transitional periods or allowing primary caregivers and people with a disability the time to temporarily focus on other responsibilities.

What can you expect from People’s First Choice Australia?

Our dedicated team of support workers are available 24/7 to make sure that you are fully supported during your time away from home. Typically, STA is used for shorter period but we can also consider longer term arrangements as necessary.  While accessing STA services, you will have opportunities to develop independent living skills, access the community, and do the things you want to do.  It is like a home away from home.

People’s First Choice Australia focusses on what’s important to you.  We will work together with you to work out what your specific needs are and what options are available to you. Our services are personalised and delivered by trained staff.

Our homes are well designed, fully accessible and fitted with all appropriate assistive technologies.

Guests can stay for a day, overnight, a weekend or a few weeks. Stays can be for a planned rest or for an emergency visit, they may be regular or occasional.

Our staff are highly experienced and receive ongoing training to ensure that they continue to remain on top of their profession

We have stringent recruitment processes in place to ensure that our staff come with the relevant background checks.

We provide specialist respite support to:

  • Children
  • Young people
  • Adults

If you would like to talk to us about Respite please call us on (03) 93178452 and speak to one of our friendly staff. You can also email us at or you can download a brochure here