Helping you to feel better again

Are you suffering from pain and looking for treatment and relief, are you looking to improve your mobility and function?

At People’s First Choice Physiotherapy services, our physiotherapist are strong believers in not just treating your symptoms, but in curing your aches and pains. We educate you on how to manage your condition.

Our physiotherapy team is here to serve you with passion, unrivalled dedication & care. We help people to reach their optimal physical potential throughout life. Our Physiotherapist will work with you to:

1.     Undertake a comprehensive assessment

2.     Provide hands on treatment

3.     Give you guidance on self-management

What is Physiotherapy?

Often referred to as Physio, Physiotherapy is the process of diagnosing the origin of pain (symptoms) in a patient, and the use of a variety of techniques to reduce pain, increase range of motion (helping you move easier) and functional capacity (the ability to do more) as quickly as possible. Treatment usually focuses on trying to reduce symptoms as quickly as possible (usually pain or lack of ability to move) and then to increase the level of capacity of a patient with the usual goal of returning a patient to their pre-injury function.

We understand that that every individual’s physiotherapy needs can be different. This is why we carefully assess your requirements and work with you to develop the best treatment plan and delivery method that would assist you to accomplish your goals.

Why do you need a physiotherapy service?

If you have a diagnosed physical condition that affects your mobility and motor skills, or an injury that causes pain, you will require physiotherapy service as a component of your NDIS plan.

How is Therapy referred to within the NDIS?

Within your plan there are three main categories of supports (the ‘purpose’ of the support) funded through the NDIS

  • Core supports, Capital supports and Capacity Building supports. Therapy is considered a Capacity Building support
  • a support that enables a participant to build their skills and independence. In the Capacity Building section of your plan, supports are further broken down by category and therapy comes under the ‘Improved Daily Living’ category which is defined by the NDIS as follows: ‘Assessment, training or therapy to help increase your skills, independence and community participation. These services can be delivered in groups or individually.